Premiera filmu -> Adam Ondra na Silence 9c !!!


Komentarz Adama: „Co trzeba zrobić aby wspiąć się na pierwsze 9c na świecie ?” Oglądajcie ;)

„What it takes to climb the world’s first 9c? Let’s find out in Silence, a movie by Bernardo Giménez. It shows what preceded the afternoon of September 3, 2017 when Adam Ondra, a professional rock climber and currently one of the best climbers in the world, made a little piece of climbing history when he climbed his project in the spectacular Hanshelleren Cave in Norway. The route, later named Silence, received a new grade of 9c and became the hardest route in the world.”

ps. Poniżej link do premiery z wywiadem :)



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